Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World's Youngest Mother

One year old Chinese girl pregnant -Now Worlds Youngest Mother

Youngest Mother

– CHINESE doctors were shocked when they discovered a one-year-old girl
Chinese girl Kang Mengru was carrying her twin brother in her stomach. Kang
Mengru was abandoned at birth and was taken in by a childless
couple in Luohe City, in the  central Chinese  province of  Henan. Within
months, her stomach began to swell and the neighbors began calling
the little girl "A Monster" and gossiping that she was pregnant. When 
Kang Mengru abdomens was seen protruding day by day she was taken to hospital for ultrasound scan during which the doctors were amazed to find a baby in the little girl's womb. The fetus was believed
to be Mengru’s parasitic twin, the result of one twin embryo
not fully separating from the other.
This rare condition
- called foetus in fetu - is where a twin becomes trapped inside
the developing body of its sibling,and can be found one in every
500,000 pregnancies. An abortion of the parasitic fetus was intially being considered by the doctors in order to save the baby girl's
life but later they decided to do a major surgery to save both
the babies.

By God's grace the 'PREGNANT' one-year-old
little gem has survived after a complex ten hour operation to
remove her unborn twin from her belly. How do we call the two
mother/Son or Brother/sister.


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amazing... good to know they're both safe... thanks for the post...

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