Thursday, February 18, 2010

7 steps to success...

HAVE A GREAT ATTITUDE ;- Always think big[u put on one goal,u concentrate and try to achive that goal. if u face some negitives.minimum u achive off of the that goal. so u keep high target].

BE ON TIME ;- If u are not early u r late.[first u know time value..time is not comeing back. so utalize ur time].

BE PREPARED ;- Be mentally prepared. [u do ur ur work possitives and negitives common so that result possitive or negitive before u prepare].

WORK HEARTFULLY ;- What ever ur work do heartfully.

KEEP POSSITIVE ;- before In ur work don't think about result.only one thing u remember.i will done this type of poositive keep in ur mind.

PROTECT UR ATTITUDE ;- In ur life so many negives attack in ur mind.dont fear, try to face all that negitives.

TAKE CONTROLE ;- Take cantrole on every thing mind,body, language and life..[dont put ur life in others hand.becuase that person is good ur life also good, other wise that person having bad ur total life spoil so try to stand ur own legs..


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