Friday, April 2, 2010

Hockey Vs Cricket in India

In our India the national game is Hockey, But  I don't think people love hockey. The fans of cricket is increasing day by day. From 1 year old kid to 90 year old persons watching cricket. Why this much of grace about cricket ? Just analyzed something now sharing with you.

The main important thing in India we have less playing grounds. for example to improve hockey game we surely need a hockey ground. This is where we lagging at first.   Cricket is not a game that we need a ground... Even in a small street with 3 sticks (not real sticks I know many guys will use the normal stick as stumps). 

Next one I am seeing the investment of playing the game, for hockey we surely need hockey sticks. But in case of cricket we can invest money for only one bat and one ball :-) . Only professional level players require all other stuff...

I know many young peoples are having their own rules and regulations for their cricket like one pitch catch , wall catch and all.... :-)


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