Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Be Fit With Yoga Boston

      Every one wants to look fit and be fit then you can with Yoga Boston. Yoga Boston founder was Kathy Van Patten who has been working in this field since 10 years. She completed B.S from New York University. They offer the service at competitive and flexible price. It is fully-equipped pilates and gyrotonic studios in America. They have fulfilled the different goals of various clients to satisfy them.

      They train us with power pilates method with up dated instructions and state of the art equipment. The trainers over there have completed the 600 hours certification program. Gyrotonic is a new exercise system which is based on a series of fluid circular movements with adjustable resistance performed on unique weight and pulley -based equipment. Gyrotonic combines grace of dance, focus of martial arts, body sculpting of weight training, and the core strength.

      The private and semi private sessions are available for 7 days a week by appointment. Even group classes are provided by them which are takes by the experienced and fully- certified instructors. They have different price packages for this sessions and group classes. All the trainers present over here are of fully experienced and seniors.
For further details you can view their site and know more information about them. This is a sponsored review.


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