Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tamil Sun TV mega Serial addicts

I seen many of the families are addicted with mega serials in television. Especially all credits goes to SUN TV. This channel has introduced the concept of mega serial in Tamil. Before that I could still remember Shanti and many other serials in Hindi. But in tamil SUN tv has brought many serials. In those many family addicted with their own things, The timing for the serial is very important to reach the number of audience. For ex, the serial which comes at 11 - 1.00 in the morning it will not reach all person. The one which is getting the time from 7.30 to 10.30 will have more audience. More than that, the advertisements will keep on coming... In between the advertisement some serial scenes will play... I hope its really funny as I am not much interested with that. Some of the serials are really well in start up. But the serial makers really dont have any other choice to make it always interesting. So they add more and more unwanted scenes with that and make the entire serial as a boring one. I recently watched Thendral serial which is also have almost lies in the same category...

Will they give better serials ???


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