Friday, August 13, 2010

Incentive Based Social Media Site

There have been a lot of social networking sites available to catch up with the friends, view their recent photographs and leave their comments. In the busy life people can take some time out to post their comment in these sites to their friends. An advantage of these sites is that an individual be in touch with his friends at any time he logs in. The incentive based social media site is the much spoken about and sought after by the youngsters because this site pays money to the user who introduces new members to the site. This concept is really exciting because this site allows you to make friends, view their photographs, leave comments for them as well it pays you for referring your friends.

Pal shake is one of the incentive based social media site which has many sectors like, friends group, forums, daily poll, games and news. In the friend’s group section, user can select the friend’s list of his choice. In the forum section the users can have general discussion on a particular topic. Here a user can pick a particular topic and register his view, later when another user wants to comment on the discussion he can do so. In the daily poll section, the site has a question to the user and user can register their votes for the option they like. This site also offers a variety of games to the users; the users just have to log in to the site to play these games. The news section has the latest updates (information) about the site. A lot of members have earned incentives by referring their friends to this Pal shake site.


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