Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The Contender's Words sweeps the BAFTAs


LONDON: The Tycoon's Rebuke continuing its regal movement through the awards period, winning the Incomparable Shoot allocate at the Land Academy of Wrap and Telecasting Bailiwick (BAFTA) awards occasion, as Colin Firth, who plays the pic's unarticulate ruler, picked up Foremost Thespian.

The penning of the true-life relationship between King Martyr VI and his faculty healer won vii awards at the ceremonial held in work London's Royal Opera Accommodation.

A selection of Flavour royalty including Samuel L. Politico and Mickey Rourke looked on as the news of the inarticulate sovereign beat off rivalry from The Sociable Web, Somebody Swan, Inception and Sure Gritrock.

The take, among the favourites to accumulate the Foremost Picture grant at the Oscars on February 27, is pick up forcefulness on the awards racetrack.

As it was triumphing at the BAFTAs, over in Madrid it picked up the Superior Inhabitant Wrapping honor at the Goyas, the Country wrapper awards.

And Mr. Firth now has the astonishing duple of BAFTA and Metallic Sphere for his personation of Competitor Elizabeth II's theologist.

Human Actress awarding mortal Natalie Portman.
He is thoughtful to be one of the superior contenders for Champion Critic at the Oscars.

Helena Bonham Hauler originally won Superfine Activity Actress for her semblance of the queen's woman.

Geoffrey Act walked off with superior Supporting Doer for his enactment as the businessman's reproval expert.

Natalie Portman was unable to take the Superior Actress apportion for her execution in Individual Swan due to her pregnancy. The trophy was picked up by the wrap's administrator, Darren Aronofsky.

Westmost Barrier creator Aaron Sorkin scooped the Modified Screenplay honour for The Party Fabric, a pic tracing the motion of interpersonal networking website Facebook. y.

Warhorse lead Christopher Lee was presented with the Association gift by U.S. musician Tim Histrion. - AFP


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