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NARTHAGI Songs - Na Muthukumar

NARTHAGI Sound Variety
Penalization Administrator : G.V. Prakash.
Vocals : Naresh Iyer, Saindhavi, Tippu, Harini, Unni Krishnan, Sudha Raghunathan, Vijay Yesudas, Vijay Prakash and Prashanthini.
Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar.

 narthagi album songs
G.V. Prakash-Na. Muthukumar compounding has established of its success relentlessly with old albums. Sounds equal 'Narthaki' is a musical-dance episode as the head 'Narthaki' (starring Aashish and Kalkai in direction roles) itself signifies and so are the songs. The album has few famous brands on tracks similar Naresh Iyer, Tippu, Unni Krishnan, Sudha Raghunathan, Vijay Yesudas, Vijay Prakash and others.

The Occurrence...
Vocals: Naresh Iyer, Saindhavi

Get the carnatic eat by G.V. Prakash. The penalisation administrator gears up for a radically identifying process. The songs avow off with Naresh Iyer's chanting attended with a prelude on groove and continuous notes on Tambura. A note after, it's a realised direct by Naresh Iyer, Saindhavi and music. The highlighting USPs of strain is the instruments of wineglass and Mridhangam. 'The Destiny' is purely for the fervent admirers of Carnatic penalisation.

Poovin Manam Poovil Illai...
Vocals: Tippu, Harini

A genre example indeed!!! Na. Muthukumar's exquisitely delicate lyrical lines are observable from the starting lines 'Poovin Manam Poovil Illai' itself. The concrete history attach Tippu and Harini has delivered the strain at their unsurpassed (telephone it superfine on-track alchemy). Especially Harini is mellifluous with her crystal-clear clearness. The song is unexploded with lots of instrumentals in the backup, but is played mildly, thereby gaining many immensity for the vocalisms. Untold like the preceding name, G.V. Prakash makes unsurpassed utilization of wineglass and Mridhangam with slow-strings heard throughout the strain. The communicative parts and rhythmic patterns heard in interludes are reminiscences of 'Pookal Pookkum Tharunam' (Madharasapattinam with the unvarying combining of Harini and GVP). The strain is a cherry-pick of this album.

Vaan Mazhaiyin Thuligal...
Vocals: Unni Krishnan, Sudha Raghunathan

The song sticks to the duplicate play genre as the opposite songs in the album with GVP making use of unvaried instruments. But explosive introduction of Chenda Melam evokes our powerfulness. The vocalisms by Unni Krishnan and Sudha Raghunathan are serious at places. But the thunderous rhythmic sessions trivialize their finest renditions. The light traits of the song are the mild notes of vibes played along with the vocals that embellishes the strain.

Jai Jai Madha Sonthasi Madha...
Vocals: Vijay Yesudas

Sounds suchlike a situational pass focalizing on father's acknowledgement to girl for her locomote of revitalisation. Vijay Yesudas croons commendably, but the penalisation is a young earsplitting, perhaps demanded by the condition. The strain lacks the primary believe of emotions that are rattling advisable depicted through Na. Muthukumar's lyrics. Maybe with visuals, we can judge few amended results. The song's reprise version is heard during the end of medium with the variant heading 'Pooyevaa Magale Pooyevaa'

Chinnanchiru Idhayathil...
Vocals: Vijay Prakash, Prashanthini

G.V. Prakash utilizes original rhythmic decoration completely dissimilar from break of the songs. The mellisonant piece has Vijay Prakash performance with a unlike name. The saxist and vibrant playback manufacturer is far-famed for his high-voltage lottery same 'Veera' (Raavanan), 'Hosanna' (Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya). He has attempted something new similar crooning with his vocalist air, but gradually touches higher octaves at places. The rhythmic aspects and modest instrumentals heighten the intensity of arts conclude delivered finished the singers. The strain sets into our senses equal easy poison and it's gonna be a unscheduled melodic satisfy for the listeners.


Having churned out back-to-back chartbusters with 'Aayirathil Oruvan', 'Madharasapattinam' and 'Aadukalam', G.V. Prakash has boldly arrogated up an empirical program. Hats off to GVP for his endeavouring crime on trying new genre of Carnatic, which is just thin of its forgiving in Dravidian medium manufacture. With 'Poovin Manam', 'Vaan Mazhaiyin Thuligal' and 'Chinnanchiru Idhayathil' beingness highly marked book, the album can look some advantageous responses


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