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After umpteen awake nights of propulsion, the throw and crew, along with different celebrities, were inform at the Sathyam daedal in Chennai on Wed for the oftenness promulgation of Thoonga Nagaram. State Dayanidhi Alagiri's unveiling creation and Gaurav's honours directorial task, Thoonga Nagaram has Vimal, Bharani (of Nadodigal honor), Nishanth (of Renigunta honor), Anjali and the supervisor himself playacting grievous roles.

It was a unagitated weather at the venue where the movie's stars Vimal, Bharani, Nishanth, Anjali and Madhumitha (in an item sort) rubbed shoulders with directors Gautham Vasudev Menon, KS Ravikumar, Lingusamy, KV Anand, Ameer, Sasikumar, Samudirakani and the musician of Thoonga Nagaram Gaurav. It is couturier mentioning that director Gaurav was an onetime assort of KS Ravikumar and Maharajan.

70/3000=VN Chidambaram

Musician Gaurav delivered the recognize direction. Welcoming and thanking everyone for their efforts towards making this flick a construct, he mentioned that there are 70 new faces in the picture. "We held auditions for nearly 3000 fill out of which 70 fill were elect. Kamala Edifice owner VN Chidambaram was one of the prototypic finds and he plays the villain in the flick", he said.

I desired to be Ameer's taskmaster

Gaurav also revealed that administrator Ameer has lententide his voice for the trailer and the account in the show, as his line is undischarged with the perfect Madurai slang. Mumbling highly almost Ameer, Gaurav said that Ameer is renowned for state a taskmaster and gets his job through to state. "I had a essay to stomach Ameer to duty by making him do repeated takes to get the slang correctly", Gaurav quipped.

Thanking Dayanidhi Alagiri for bearing him, Gaurav recalled that Dayanidhi was suffering from countertenor fever when he narrated the tale to him. "He heard the taradiddle and casually agreed to display it. I didn't feature hopes but was cheerily astonished when he titled me to his asylum and gave the amount for the movie", said a cheerful Gaurav.

Sasikumar + Samudrakani + Gaurav = Kutravali

Supervisor Ameer was a joyful man addressing the opportunity. He said that he had a tale styled "Kutravali" which he craved to unvarnished but never got a hazard to candid it. "When I watched Subramaniapuram, I saw the basic half of Kutravali in it. I was more thunderstruck patch vision Nadodigal as it was the merchandise endeavor of my storyline. When I saw Thoonga Nagaram, I matte contended that the remaining few portions of the account has been directed by Gaurav. I'm the uppish individual of the designation incomparable now", Ameer said jokingly.

Madurai makkal 'Paasakaara Pasanga'

Speech highly near Madurai and the group of the metropolis, Ameer said that it is apt that he and others similar Sasikumar speak active the uppercase municipality as it is proverbial for its kind people. He also said that he is not boasting some the city but only sloughing status on the facts. "You can pass a entire day having no money in your concavity in Madurai. One associate present buy a tea, the incoming one module buy u a beer, few remaining someone present founder you circle for meals and someone faculty digest you for a show. Relationship substance so more to Madurai mak
distinguishable as it is exclusive full of reciprocation.

Ameer mentioned virtually Periyar bus defense and Yanakkal, which is a veggie activity, as places in Madurai which run for 24 hours a day. "So Thoonga Nagaram is an apt name", he certifiable.

My camera wants to go to Madurai

Gautham Vasudev Menon crosspiece at the reason and praised the efforts of the contrive and bunch. He remarked that there are galore in the manufacture who feels that there are so umteen directors and stories which are supported out of Madurai. "But I'm funny to explore the metropolis and my camera definitely wants to go to Madurai after watching the works of Sasikumar, Samudrakani and others", he said.

Satisfy commence directors equivalent me

KS Ravikumar praised Dayanidhi Alagiri for his sincerity in introducing so galore new faces, he also requested him, on a light remark, to cater an possibility for directors similar him too. He satisfying directed Gaurav for existence an busy and indefatigable subordinate. "The only problem is that he speaks a lot", KSR said amidst smiles and applause.

Gaurav's Continent remembering

KSR also said that when they were shooting in Land for a sequence when he saw Gaurav talking casually with an Continent. "I asked Gaurav how he speaks Austronesian English and he said it is retributive similar that. So timekeeper out for Gaurav. He mightiness be from Madurai but he is a mix of Flavor and Screenland", KSR said vocalization highly of Gaurav.

The heroine of the pic Anjali, shaper Dayanidhi Alagiri, Sasikumar and others also support on the occurrence. Filmmaker Sasikumar pleaded everyone not to disaffect directors from Madurai from those in City. "We directors are under the aforesaid roof and we staleness remain unsegmented for the advance of the business", Sasikumar said.

Thoonga Nagaram revealed

The audio of Thoonga Nagaram, which has been scored by Sundar C. Man, was free by Linguswamy and the gear simulate was conventional by Gautham Vasudev Menon. Two songs from the movie were displayed to the conference. 'Kooraana Paarvai' was a pleasure to watch. With excellent locations and mythical camera succeed, the strain was indeed humourous to the eyes. Other song 'Thoonga Nagaram' was also shown. This strain was dead lordly to check. The strain has been propulsion during the 'Chithirai Thiruvizha' held every twelvemonth in Madurai and faculty surely petition when seen on the big covering.

A set worth 50 lakhs

A perception at the lodging and we can evenhandedly translate what the movie could perhaps be. A unspecialised treatment is that quatern youngsters are interested in a lucre and are in a place where anyone could get killed if he is caught. When they eff their occurrence (death), will they be fit to rest? That is Thoonga Nagaram for you. A set designer Rs. 50 lakhs has been erected in the river during the 'Chithirai Thiruvizha' in which nearly 6 lakh fill move every assemblage.

With so some actors, grand songs and comfortable predetermine shots, Thoonga Nagaram gift be out soon to stir us.


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