Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pooja Gandhi Latest News

Pooja Gandhi on Wednesday filed a prettify in a Bengaluru Courtyard hunt a path to producer-director Shivaganapathi to pay the amount due to her. She also sought a edict on the achievement of the take 'Nee Illade', slated to be released on March 25. The actress supposed in her embellish that the maker had united to pay Rs four lakh before the completion of the shooting schedule, which was rigid from Feb 1 to Feb 25, 2010, with both intervals.

Pooja gandhi

She sharpened out that the maker had failed to pay the amount before the manoeuvre of propulsion. When the check came up for chance, mortal for Shivaganapathi sought a day's abstraction to amicably stabilise the entity.

On Weekday, the Kannada Shoot Producers' Relationship asked Pooja Statesman to excuse for alleging that the shaper of her take 'Nee Illade' unpaid her Rs four lakh. Reacting to this, the actress said, "Is it dishonorable to ask for the remuneration due to me? Fortuitously, I person the strengthener of the Artistes' Memory. I give act advice from them."


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