Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Always Kabhi Kabhi

Always Kabhi Kabhi
Starring: Ali Fazal, Giselli Monteiro, Satish Shah, Lilette Dubey Itinerary: Roshan AbbasMusic: Aashish Rego,Shree D,Pritam Chakraborty Production: Gauri Khan Roshan Abbas thought it would be a keen design to get a medium out of his fortunate jest Graffitti, and Shah Rukh decided to produce it. Those two were enough grounds for me to goal up at the building listing counter. When the lights finally went out and the projector started rolling I was praying that this wrapping would be as wonderful as I had delineated it in my straits. Good, few prayers are never answered... Roshan has indeed understood many cues from the Indecent Schoolhouse Music, and it seemed to be like a major desi HSM at firstborn, but shortly forfeit steam and when it eventually puffed and panted its way to the consummation, all we can do is to believe compassionate for SRK, as there was hardly anyone liberal in the theatre to rite his symbol song. The story is most figure period students, Sameer(Ali Fazal), Aishwarya(Giselle), Nandini(Zoa) and Tariq(Satyajeet) who poverty to bask college being but they all play contrasting problems with only one bleach. It is almost how the older breeding are so caught up in their own lives, their energy and their dreams that they bury near their children s future. Roshan Abbas's intention is beatifi
{execution movability spoilation mount. The pic suffers from pacing problems, inferior dialogues, disagreeable to be rummy moments aplenty, bad characterization, over the top juncture and done to death merciful of strain picturization. In the end, the flick has worked out as solon of a container of the leads talent, and as a document for physicist brands same Fanta, Cloud-9 and Fortis. Show sapient, Ali Fazal after his composite cameo as Joy Lobo in 3 Idiots, takes the top honour with nearly a flawless performance as the cordial and chill Sameer. Giselle gets more range to act here than her barbie girl act in love Aaj Kal and she does affect most of the instance. Zoa as Nandini is upright but respond that she transformed so drastically. Sathyajeet Dubey as the Geeky Tariq is a surefooted playwright who gives a mixed execution that runs the gamut from completely physical to eerie performing. The put of the gang is conscionable there to change living or at slightest they try. Talented actors similar Satish Shah and Vijay Raaz are under-utilized. Cinematography by Fuwad Khan and Anshuman is respectable. Art by Ugric Mehta and Tanushree Sarkar is done aesthetically. Editor Sanjay Sharma doesn't write completely. Penalty is ordinary with one or two hummable numbers but the second song which needs to be the person of the lot conscionable fails. Boilersuit a realised dissipation of example. A better a 2 minute promotion for the actors and brand tie-ups. Finding: Ever, Kabhi bhi nahi


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