Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reduce Fat in body

Reduce Fats in body

Our diet should be nutritious and balanced. Belly fat is the toughest one to reduce. It’s the deposit of fats and we should avoid it completely. If we are careful and cautious in what we are consuming we can reduce this belly fat. Below are possible ways to get rid of the deposits of fats in the body. The following are some of the useful fat burning tips.

1. Walking exercise: Simple exercise is walking. Walking for 30 minutes will help in removing the excess fat and make us stay healthy and fit.

2. Avoid junk food: Today’s world have gone crazy with junk foods and carbonated drinks which are completely dangerous to our health. It should be avoided completely in order to stay away from health problems.

3. Avoid Oily foods: Say bye-bye to oil foods. Those are the primary ones to increase fat on the body. Use less oil in cooking and avoid eating oily foods from outside/ hotels.

4. Eat raw or boiled vegetables: Always go with boiled vegetables or try to eat some of the vegetables raw. That is very healthy to our body.

5. Avoid Milk: It’s better to avoid milk. Otherwise drink milk with low fats.

6. Drink plenty of water: Today people are not consuming water that has supposed to taken per day. Per day we have to consume 6 liters of water. Avoid drinking cool water and go for normal water. I’d suggest keeping a bottle of water all the time. Drinking water will keep you hydrated all the time which helps a lot.

7. Take yogurt or oatmeal: Start taking yogurt or oatmeal as breakfast or as one of your meals.

8. Maintain a distance from potato and rice: These 2 things will not allow us to reduce the fat in the body. So try to reduce them in your diet.

9. Dancing and swimming: Dancing and swimming are other ways to reduce the fats in the body. A swimmer or a dancer does not have fat belly at all. These are good exercise to our body and also they burn out the fat from our body.

10. Avoid smoking and alcohol: These two things should be avoided if you really want to reduce the fat as these will not allow reducing the fats consolidated in the body.

11. Proper exercise: Don’t go into heavy exercise. Always go into light and simple exercise that will make our body healthy and reduce fat. Try to do the exercise daily.

12. Check out fat consumption: Always keep a watch on the consumption of fat. Fat is necessary to our body but that should not be in excess amount.

So if you really care to reduce your belly, you can try out these steps .You will be surprised to see the change in few weeks itself. It’s all depends on the way we consume foods and fats and the various methods we try to reduce them so that it does not get accumulated inside the body. Give a try and you will see the change.


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