Thursday, April 22, 2010

Effect Of Vishal Style - Theeratha Vilayaatu Pillai

Recently myself and my friend went to "Theeratha Vilayaatu Pillai" tamil film. In this Vishal is the hero. In that story  Vishal used to say he always need best . For his marriage he will select and love 3 girls. From them he will select one girl and marry her.

Once we come out that film, He said that to me in the crowed area , "I also will do the same da" So I will select 3 girls and love 2 girls and select one girl then marry another girl. A Lady who walked near to me said that "Seruppu Pinjidum"

I loved that timing joke... some peoples who watched that conversation also laughed loudly... My friend face went to so dark...

Ha ha ha...

If we follow the film we will have to face such a bad situation also. so Please aware of those too. :-)


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