Saturday, April 17, 2010

Healthy friendship with Girls

Many boys / guys wants to be friend with girls.  For this wish the attraction is placed a first position than the real friendship. In fact that attraction is the first positive sign for any friendship.

Many countries still maintaining their traditional culture to have a wealthy and healthy friendship with girls. I know country like India had such tradition. But in recent days the illegal contacts emerging because of unknown attractions. If we filled the gap between boys and girls from their schooling then this kind of gaps can be surely solved.

Many schools and colleges have separate class rooms for girls and boys. This is really have to be stopped. Because the understanding between girls and boys is reduced by this kind of separation.

We could see in many of the places boys and girls exceeding the limits. They are getting attraction based on body because of misunderstanding between boys and girls. There are many things than body to understand between them but a boy don't have time to spend with a  girl and vice verse. They have to get clear about their physic at first. The touching and ill treatment in public places are the reflection because they don't have enough time to understand themselves.

so to make healthy friendship with girls they have to spend more time with them from their childhood itself. this will surely lead for better culture.


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Hi. I agree on what you had written here. Many problem arises between boys and girls simply because they misubderstand one another. These problems were carried over when those who are involve are married.

What is needed is a healthy interaction between boys and girls during childhood.

TUKIRAN said...

thank for your share..good post...

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