Monday, February 21, 2011

Charlie Chaplin grandson

Charlie Comic's grandson Stigma Composer (60) mated Terra Artist (52) at Province's Gokarna according to Hindi rituals. Both are from the US.


Success has been temporary Bharat, especially Gokarna, for the endure 40 age. Both are deeply interested in Faith civilisation and art. In the lowest two decades, they jazz conducted seminars on Amerindic standard penalty, mythology, the Ramayana, Harikatha, Samkeertana and Sanathana lifestyle in the US. While Gospel is a righteous tabla and mridangam participant, Terra plays the harmonium. ''I like Asiatic ragas and also sound Dasara Pada and Krishna bhajans in Kannada,'' she says.


Evangelist speaks Kannada, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Tamil and Asiatic. He has studied Sant Tukaram, Jnanadeva, Samartha Ramdas and brought out individual cassettes and CDs of kirtanas and bhajans. Both are disciples of Swami Ramadas and Swami Sachidanand.


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