Monday, February 21, 2011

iMagic OS with improved efficiency


Carlos La Borde, CEO of iMagic. A good and smart iMagic OS has been released by iMagic and it found to be very efficient and lively.The Linux technology has been used as the base for this development. This OS has many interesting features like faster boot time and upgraded software.The Web filtering is good addition to this OS along with with the codecs and procedures. It offers good online efficiency and support to the users. Using Magic online one can browse the online catalog, commercial, games and drivers in this OS. The WINE frame work has been used to develop this software.


This magic OS has many pre installed programs the OS.  Other features lie Skype, Google Chrome, Picasa, Xara Xtreme, 3.2, Firefox 3.6, Songbird, Lightscribe, Lives Movie Editor, Audacity, Thunderbird, are included in this OS.


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