Sunday, March 13, 2011



There are many types of diseases which are spreading the world. Man has advanced himself in many activities, but he has forgot that all the inventions he has made has drastic and reverse effects on him. Man has created many products that are useful for him. But these products create more of problems than the goodness it does. The mesothelioma is a type of cancer which is found in the human body. This type of cancer is very serious and needs more attentions. There are many kinds of treatment for this problem. The chemotherapy is the best kind of treatment which are being preferred by the experts in this medical field. This type of cancer is found in the lungs. These cell are said to multiply very quickly. They affect the entire part of lung and create problem.


The asbestos used for the residential and commercial construction is found be the cause of this type of cancer. The asbestos are used by many people for many kind of purposes. They are said to be good absorbent of sound and heat, hence they are being used in many places. Though the disadvantages of the asbestos is known, people are still using it. The particles in the making of asbestos are directly related to the causes of this cancer. The asbestos chemical are very dangerous and they are found to produce many harmful effects in the human body. The mesothelioma news can be got from many places and one needs to be aware of this type of problem.


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