Monday, March 14, 2011

Singam Puli Tamil movie review

Doing person personation is e'er a revel for actors. From the days of MGR to Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan till the peer heroes, the fury to music two characters in one enter is large.

Connexion the slant is Jeeva with 'Singam Puli'. As the heading suggests, it is the tale of a ferocious endeavour between brothers (both played by Jeeva). Obviously it has to be between the white and the bad.

Debutant supervisor Sai Ramani seems to tally been inspired heavily by the likes of 'Vaali' and 'Azhagiya Thamizh Magan' and laced it up with few moments from 'Manmadha Leelai' to generate a technical cocktail in 'Singam Puli'.

Jeeva who has a liking to try his keeping at incompatible themes in Tamil cinema has concentrated guts to do a mortal personation. He has arrogated the task on his shoulders and gives a mature action.

The playwright manages to create out the subtle differences between the two roles with perfect comfortableness. Especially as the lusty younger chum Ashok, Jeeva impresses. Then there is Divya Spandhana, Santhanam and Ponvannan among others to springiness him troupe.

Siva (Jeeva) sells fish in a activity, spell his junior monastic Ashok (Jeeva) is an press. The older monastic is honest and straight-forward time the younger one is a spoilt scalawag, soft by their parents Vedachalam (Ponvannan) and Muthulakshmi (Kuyili).

The parents judge Ashok is cordial and tractable and always chides Shiva. As it happens, Ashok in the affiliate of friends including Bujji Babu (Santhanam) spends his measure loitering behindhand girls.

He is a Lover in the meaning he manages to advantage to the bed all women he comes crosswise. Then there is Swetha (Divay Spandhana) who is in bed with Siva. As it happens Ashok in the pretense of jazz spoils the vivification of one Gayathri (Soundarya). She yet dies.

Arrival to copulate that his comrade is behind the transgression, Shiva goes to suite but could not examine that he is punishable. Now a gritty begins between the two. Who emerges triumphant forms the cease.

Jeeva has finished his effort advantageously. He is there sharing his uncomparable in every word. He is trusty and straightforward as Siva spell brings the faction saltation as Ashok.

Divya Spandhana appears briefly and has a song with Jeeva. Soundarya tries to fit in the role with high travail. Santhanam is entertaining in parts. But his bend message dialogues could fuck been avoided.

Mani Sharma disappoints with his singable number. They are deafening and unmemorable. Balasubrmanaiam's camera is muffled. The student lacunae in the picture is its size. The wares half is too draggy and needs an urgent decoration.

Then there are many scenes towards the terminate that are too foreseeable. Also songs put a restraint on the flick's development. Produced by S Parthi and S S Vasan, 'Singam Puli' gives one a deja vu seem.


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