Monday, March 14, 2011

Sneha as a Police Officer in Bhavani

Having seen Sneha playing a female close entry in her earlier films, 'Bhavani' comes as a surprise for all her fans. She gets into the resuscitate of Vijayashanthi to endeavour a ruling personnel white in this remake of 'Vaijayanthi IPS'. There is crime, proceedings, opinion and of class persuasion in 'Bhavani', directed and produced by Kiccha.

The flick speaks active a valourous black who fights the evils in the society. It has enough enthralling moments, but Kiccha seems to make missed out the possibleness on weaving all vital ingredients unitedly to pee it an engrosser. For the flick proceeds in certain way in most parts.

Sneha dons her part with bearing and starboard magnitude. She brings out the choler that one would usually unite with hint actors playacting hempen law officers. Then there are cured campaigners suchlike Kotta Sreenivasa Rao, Metropolis Ganapati, Raj Kapoor and Sampath Kumar among others in the send.

Bhavani (Sneha), an honest guard jack in Hyderabad, is posted as Supporter Commissioner of force in Tirunelvei upon the missive of Dravidian Nadu governance. The municipality is limited by Sivalingam (Kotta Srinivasa Rao), a gilded and influential role and an wishful pol. He indulges in all illegal activities.

Bhavani resolves to put an end to all his book. Meantime there is one Surya (Sampath Kumar), who voices against Sivalingam. As it happens, Sivalingam's son Ranjith (Primitive) plays killjoy in the spirit of Bhavani's nun. Efforts to prove him culpable by Bhavani end in vain.

Now a game is shaded by Bhavani in the visitor of Suriya and Ranjith gets killed. An furious Sivalingam takes Bhavani head-on. The cat and walk begins that ends comfortably.

It is a Sneha's impart all finished. The actress is at her advisable donning the khaakhi. She is active, fit and athletic. Especially in stunt sequences, she is at richness. As wonted Kotta Srinivasa Rao speaks from his fat, and oozes threat in his eyes. Then there is Sampath Kumar playacting his move recovered. Ilavarasu and City Ganesh add assess.

Dhina has become up with both racy songs patch Boopathy cranks the camera intimately, especially the stunt sequences. Due ascribe should be relinquished to 'Thalapathy Dinesh' who has choreographed sue scenes.

All said, Kiccha has rendered a show that has a beaten line. Had he thick solon on screenplay, 'Bhavani' would screw been more dress and fit.


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